Come Join Our League!

But how do I join?

First you will need to contact one of our board members on our Contact Us page.
You should get a quick response from our board member providing you with useful information about how best to get you on a team or how you can start your own.

What Does it Cost to join the league?
Our membership dues and season dues are as follows

$20 Annual Membership Dues – The membership allows you to play during our Fall & Spring seasons as well as participate in various ADO events which we host locally.
$30 Season Dues- This is the cost to play each season. Our seasons are typically 14 weeks so this equates to less than $3/night to play.
$75 Team Sponsorship Dues- This is paid by the team’s home bar establishment.

How many players on a team?
Each team must have a minimum of 4 players with a maximum of 6.

When do you play?
League matches are on Tuesday nights and start at 7pm.

What if I’ve never played in a Dart League before?
No sweat. Playing darts is a lot of fun and easy to learn. Come on out and we’ll teach you all we know.

How many divisions do you have?
Currently we have A & B Divisions.

How many teams are in a division?
Our league prefers to keep the number of teams in each division to 8. It tends to fluctuate depending on active players and participating teams.