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Post by diamond » Mon Sep 03, 2012 11:51 pm

The banquet turn out was light, however we had more than 30 members. My whole team (5) showed up for the banquet and there were more than 30 members in attendance. I knew I would be out of town when the elections were held, that's why I sent in two motions in advance.

Bonnie made a great point, the low attendance was unacceptable because we were holding elections. So shame on all of us who didn't make it. As a lifetime member and past president, she has the right to gripe about it. Hell she even created this website! So any league member should feel free to chime in.

There's no gripe with the current officers, except I wish they would post more on the league's OFFICIAL WEBSITE!!! So thank you Brian for your posts.


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Post by JackieQ555 » Fri Sep 07, 2012 9:07 am

Dave- I think you misunderstood what Brian was saying...I don't think he was complaining that Bonnie was 'chiming in or griping' but that there are many, many members that complain, bitch, and get on their 'high horse' but never do anything to help change the situation...I think we all agree that every member of the league has a right to be frustrated with different situations but I am with him....if you aren't willing to help out to change the problem- by volunteering, helping out, attending meetings, voting for officers, offering up solutions you think might work---- then don't you have any right to complain.

I feel this is very similar to the upcoming presidential elections....If you don't vote, you shouldn't be bitching come Jan. when you don't like how our country is headed (just on a much smaller scale!!)

That's just my thoughts!
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Post by JAM » Fri Sep 07, 2012 1:31 pm

I truly am enjoying this thread. Let me start by saying, ya'll know I've never been bashful about voicing an opinion. I don't say much anymore because I'm not involved, except as someone who cares. Times & things change. The WCDA has to adapt. I've seen many great ideas that got left in the wayside. I've seen things that I felt shouldn't happen. But, I've also seen many great changes & ideas. Just do it by the Rules & Regs & the Bylaws. Change them if you need to. I would ask that long time members take the time to listen to new ideas without turning a blind eye. I would also ask the new members &/or officers take the time to try & understand what the long timers have to say & why. They've been there a while. It's OK to disagree. If you have a problem with something, it's OK to complain, but try to be able to offer a viable solution. But, I would ask that you do it in a respectful manner to the WCDA & your fellow league members. After all, these are your friends, fellow league members & if you look around you, people you can count on. I fully encourage all officers to post more on the league web site. Thanks to all members, past & present. God bless you all......Jim

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Post by cam » Thu Sep 13, 2012 12:27 pm

Thanks dave( I think) I to would agree that "the A league isn't any fun" statement is a bunch of bull.Was just quoting what I have heard from so many lower div. players who your right havn't even tried to play there.And as for the star points thing you mentioned,including them in your average was a lesson learned.Thats why now they stand alone and had been that way ever since i started playing anyway.Plus not to beat a dead horse but those top ten guys who are competing amongst themselves are trying to prove who is the best right.Top Gun for singles should satisfy that one on one comp.As to where top ten would reflect all games played showing the all around top thrower.

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